Have your say in the D7 Participatory Budgeting Vote!

Every year Supervisor Norman Yee invites the citizens of District Seven vote to allocate some of the money in the budget for projects that have been proposed by folks in the neighborhood.

Vote April 1st through April 14th


The four proposals that benefit Sunnyside:

In the CULTURE section:

Preparing Sunnyside’s Detroit Steps for Landscaping and Art
This project will fund needed preparations for Sunnyside’s Detroit Steps for landscaping and artwork, including the evaluation and repair of the concrete stairway structures on which art will be later affixed and the evaluation and preparation of terracing on the slope for landscaping. These necessary steps will ensure a successful outcome for the next phases of the art and beautification project, which aims to bring visibility to the area, spur small business development, and benefit the entire Monterey Corridor. We envision the Detroit Steps becoming an appealing and inspirational site for walkers and commuters as well as local residents.

Beautification for Havelock Street Pedestrian Bridge Connecting Balboa Park Station to City College and Sunnyside Neighborhood
This proposal requests funding for the beautification of the Havelock Street Pedestrian Bridge. Improving its appearance will make pedestrians and cyclists feel safer using this bridge that connects Balboa Park to the City College campus and Sunnyside Neighborhood.  We are asking for funding for improvements such as: painting the bridge, installing a mural at the west entrance, pavement cleaning, and repair.  This alternate route to the high-injury corridor of Ocean Avenue will benefit the CCSF community, cyclists and pedestrians headed to the Balboa Park BART station, and families using the Balboa Park playground, dog park, and pool.

Decorative Lights at Unity Plaza [nearby on Ocean Avenue]
Unity Plaza is among the most well-used spaces near Ocean Avenue for pedestrians, but its existing lighting is merely adequate for passage through the plaza at nighttime and can be improved with decorative lights. The project seeks $25,000 to install decorative lighting and retrofit existing lighting at Unity Plaza on Ocean Avenue. Installing decorative lighting will not only help make the plaza a more vibrant and interesting place, but it will also help define the identity of the entire commercial shopping district.


Green Gathering Space at Sunnyside Elementary School
Funding would provide small gathering areas and a pleasing natural environment for Sunnyside Elementary. Sunnyside would like to “green” our asphalt yard with small seating areas complemented by ornamental trees, a meeting area for small groups, additional plantings and a fence for the Life Lab Area. This picnic pavilion and project will provide a welcoming space for the greater community to enjoy on weekends when our yards are opened through the San Francisco Shared Schoolyard Project.


Disaster Relief Supplies for Neighborhood Resilience in Sunnyside
This project seeks funding to purchase disaster relief supplies to support the rescue, triage, search and rescue and first aid efforts of the San Francisco Fire Department’s trained civilian Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT) in Sunnyside and adjacent neighborhoods. These supplies will give our civilian teams the ability to respond to neighborhood emergencies if the fire department is overwhelmed in times of crisis.


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