DlIlM8XXsAAGWHROver 100 bike share supporters in Glen Park made a permit possible for a bike share station at Randall at Chenery by emailing and calling their electeds and decision makers.

Unfortunately, in early February as crews were about to install the permitted station an MTA Board member placed an “emergency hold” on the permit behind closed doors outside of the official permitting process. This was because two people complained at an in-person MTA Board meeting on January 15th that community outreach was not sufficient. This station went through two years of public outreach including multiple community meetings and hundreds of comments submitted.

This Tuesday, March 5th, SFMTA bike share program staff will be presenting on the public outreach process for bike share at the MTA board meeting. This has implications for the pace of bike share expansion everywhere. The meeting is at City Hall room 400 and begins at 1PM. The agenda order will be posted here. Please raise your voice to say enough stalling on bike share expansion! The community outreach process is thorough and long enough. Showing up at the board meeting to comment will be most effective, but you can also email the board at  MTABoard@SFMTA.com


Two upcoming Balboa Reservoir Meetings in October

The next Balboa Reservoir CAC Meeting will be Monday, October 15th at 6pm at City College’s Multi-Use Building, Room 140 (MUB 140). The meeting will focus on site design and architecture. I will send out the meeting agenda when it becomes available.

Later this month, there will be a public meeting to discuss the scope of the project’s Environmental Impact Report (EIR). This meeting will be held on October 30th (Tuesday), 6-8pm at the Lick Wilmerding High School cafeteria (755 Ocean Avenue). This meeting will be an opportunity to learn more about and comment on the proposed EIR scope of work. We will provide more details in the coming weeks.


Balboa Reservoir Community Park Day

Reservoir_OpenSpaceFestival_20180828_initial mailer

Transportation is the topic of the next Balboa Reservoir meeting

Come and discuss how transportation to CCSF, the future housing in the Balboa Reservoir and around the larger area will cope with the new population influx. Representatives from SFMTA will be there.

6:00 pm, this Monday, July 8 at the CCSF Multi-use Building, 50 Phelan Ave.

The graphic below comes courtesy of Swiftly, a transit data analytics company.

Running speeds of six major Muni lines as they enter the Reservoir area. Courtesy Swiftly.

Watch Out!

I am going to jump to the chase- tonight, on her way home from work around 10pm, one of Sunnyside’s drivers in a bright yellow Kia, nearly ran my 19 year old daughter over as she crossed Baden at Monterey. She was able to come home to tell us this story because she was fast enough to JUMP AND ROLL OT OF THE WAY.

Let’s review that statement. My daughter is alive because she has a black belt in a martial art that emphasizes fall recovery. She is alive because she is young, in good shape, and trained to defend herself against attackers.

If this had been you, or your kid, would you have come out of that well? Can you move fast enough to defend yourself against a distracted driver in a vehicle that weighs 10 times as much as you? Can your kid?

And, while we are at it, Mr. Yellow Kia Driver- You are probably a nice person. I doubt you left home tonight thinking you might kill someone with your car. The person you nearly hit tonight is my daughter, Úna. She is 19. She is finishing up a gap year before she starts studying for a degree in biotech. She is planning her first solo travel adventure after working 30 hours a week for a year to save for it. Her braces come off in September. She has regularly babysat for a dozen families in the neighborhood, and knows pretty much every kid over the age of 16. She has 2 brothers who adore her, and a father who would be doomed to leaving the house wearing ugly ties if she wasn’t there to stop it. If you had run her down, this world would be a much darker and bleaker place without her, and I want you to think about that good and hard.

You almost took her from us.

Every, single person in this City has a story. We all have value, and that value is higher than the value of your driver’s license, your car, your need to get somewhere. That is something you need to meditate on every time you get in your car.

Come discuss Transportation issues along the Ocean Avenue Corridor!

The Balboa Reservoir development team will be hosting a community walk along Ocean Avenue. This will be an opportunity to discuss specific pedestrian, bike, and transit challenges and potential improvements along Ocean Avenue between the new Balboa Reservoir community and the Balboa Park BART/MUNI stations.

Date/time: May 17th from 6:00pm-7:30pm

Location: Meet on Unity Plaza in front of 1100 Ocean Avenue

For more information about the Balboa Reservoir, please visit: www.balboareservoir.com or contact: balboareservoir@gmail.com

Thank you for your ongoing interest and participation in the Balboa Reservoir project.

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Balboa Reservoir design and development team offer two day open house.

For more information, please visit http://BalboaReservoir.com