Sunnyside meeting about Balboa Reservoir Development

20140708_Balboa_Park-Ocean_Ave_30Representatives from the SF Planning Department and the and  the Mayor’s
Office of Economic Opportunity and Workforce Development will be available to discuss the proposed development of Balboa Reservoir.

Housing will be built on this site. That much has already been decided in the Balboa Park Plan. Exactly what kind of housing-  how much of it, how tall, how much parking and open space-  its all still up in the air. Now is your chance to talk to your neighbors and city officials, get educated, make your opinions known!

Monday, June 29, 7:00-8:30pm
St. Finn Barr Auditorium
415 Edna at Flood.

San Jose Avenue: A new vision for the Bernal Cut

Erika Ehmsen who lives in Bernal Glen posted this piece about the Bernal Cut portion of San Jose Avenue on the Nextdoor site. Reposted here (with permission) for your edification.

A number of people on the recent San Jose Avenue thread have expressed a desire to reinvent the area. So here’s a little fodder for our daydreams about what *could* be:…

Some background: In 2013, a College Hill/Bernal Glen neighbor asked renowned landscape and urban design firm SWA Group to visit San Jose Ave. SWA designers and planners walked with neighbors along San Jose Ave., the Bernal Cut Path, the Arlington Path, and our bridges and pedestrian overpass to experience the grim current state of San Jose Ave.—from its freeway-like speeds to its trash-strewn and encampment-prone slopes and sidewalks.

SWA designers asked us to suspend our current reality in order to reimagine and reinvigorate our blighted speedway. We showed SWA the Glen Park Community Plan and asked them to envision an extension of that plan that could incorporate the slopes above San Jose Ave. while reflecting our College Hill Neighborhood Association’s greening and safety goals. And then SWA got to work sketching the plans in that above Google Doc presentation—all pro bono.

Of those 3 plans, perhaps the easiest to enact would be the terraced version of “The Loop” (scroll forward to slide 17 in the Google Doc presentation), which would string together the green spaces in our Bernal and Glen Park neighborhoods like emeralds in a necklace. A plan like The Loop would unite both sides of the Cut that divides Bernal’s College Hill from Glen Park.

Where do these plans stand in the City approval process? Nowhere. What budget are we working with? None.

At least not at the moment. But the Glen Park Community Plan started with neighbors coming together with the Planning Department and other City agencies. We could change the whole look and feel of San Jose Ave. and make it a more neighborly place—where drivers may be more inspired to drive at a neighborly pace.

We could make San Jose Ave. an asset to everyone. Please reach out if you’d like to help neighbors in Bernal and Glen Park try.

Join the Glen Park Greenway Plan development team


Interesting stuff coming out of Glen Park.

Originally posted on News from the Glen Park Association:

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 2.05.47 PM

The Glen Park Greenway Concept Plan – Linking the canyon to the village

Come and help develop the Concept Plan for the Glen Park Greenway. We have a professional design team – all we need now is you and other neighbors, who are interested in the look and feel of our neighborhood, its footpaths, its natural environment, and its connection to Glen Canyon Park, to join in and help us decide how to shape one of our most extensive pieces of public land.

Glen Park Greenway Planning Workshop #1

Glen Park Recreation Center – Thursday, May 28, 2015 – 630 – 830 pm

The Glen Park Greenway will be a pedestrian link between Glen Park village and Glen Canyon Park, as envisioned in the Glen Park Community Plan. The Greenway runs primarily across City property owned by the San Francisco Department of Public Works and the San Francisco Public Utilities…

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Email Discussion Group Started for Balboa Reservoir Project

Nothing has yet been decided about the development of the Balboa Reservoir. Discuss the project with your neighbors, area merchants, and the project’s planners on this old school email discussion list! Subscribe for individual, daily, or weekly digests.

The Next Community Workshop for Balboa Reservoir is around the corner!

Balboa Reservoir Community Workshop #2 Flier-page-001

Click this image download the flyer

Meet. Listen. Learn. Talk
Tuesday, May 5th 2015
6:00-8:00 PM

City College, Multi-Use Building
55 Phelan Avenue
First Floor, Room 140
(west side of Phelan, between Ocean and Judson)

The event is free and open to the public. RSVPs are not mandatory, but helpful to ensure there are enough materials and refreshments.
RSVP here:

Diamond/Bosworth intersection update

Originally posted on News from the Glen Park Association:

From Kelley McCoy, PR for SFMTA:

3/4 UPDATE:  Last week crews began framing the sidewalks and prepping for the foundation pour, which began this week.  The NW corner is formed and poured, and the ADA ramps are expected to be poured next week.  The SE corner is formed, and half of the sidewalk is being poured this week.  Crews are expected to begin removing the other half of the sidewalk next week.  We’re also expecting to start on the Diamond and Brompton median next week, removing some trees and pouring the new foundation.  Once the work on the NW and SE corners are completed, crews will move to the NE and SW corners (expected mid-March).  There were some delays this week involving the ADA ramps and the bus shelters, and we’re going to work on this Saturday to catch up.  This has been vetted with Michael Rice of  the GPA…

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Walk to school? What a concept!

Here’s a radical idea that just might help cut back on the traffic mayhem by the schools in the morning and afternoon. We might also end up with healthy, independent kids too.

Hat tip to City Lab