Come to the Unity Plaza Grand opening!

Be among the first to linger a while in the brand new hub of Ocean Avenue. (Bring your own java though. Philz Coffee won’t be open for another two weeks.


Local “car-light” mom has some ideas for better bike and pedestrian access in Sunnyside

Here’s a cut-and-paste from a blog by an urban planner specializing in traffic engineering who is also a Sunnyside mom that gets around mostly on foot and by bike.

Original post from the Urban Family Blog is here:

Unofficial Sunnyside Bicycle (and Pedestrian) Plan (a work in progress)

I’ve been biking, walking, driving my car and riding Muni around the Sunnyside neighborhood for about four years now. I’ve noticed some limitations — some of which could be easily fixed with some paint. Others are a little more complicated. But before I get bogged down in implementation, here’s what they are:

Monterey Boulevard needs “sharrows”. In the bike network, Hearst is supposed to be the bike route here, but Hearst is significantly hillier. No sane bicyclist would ride Hearst instead of Monterey unless they’re going short distances. The cars are pretty clueless, many just having come off the freeway and still driving in their own bubble. I have to remind myself that safety requires I take the lane. Sharrows would provide a gentle reminder to both bicyclists and automobiles that bikes are allowed full use of the lane and that safety requires they take it here.

Intersection Stop modifications
Some bicyclist may still use Hearst for shorter distance trips. The intersections at Hearst and Congo, and Hearst and Baden are two way stops so that folks using the bikeway have to stop. These connecting roads (Congo and Baden) are steep and sometimes hard to see fast-driving through traffic. Both of these intersections should be either 4-way stops or 2-way stops where the bikeway does not stop.

Contraflow Lanes
The neighborhood has a couple one-way streets that prevent bicyclists from using the least hilly route or accessing critical infrastructure. Edna between Monterey and Hearst allows folks going towards City College to avoid the hill towards Monterey and Foerster, but it’s one-way the wrong way. It needs a contraflow bike lane. Similarly, Edna between Judson and Havelock (2 blocks crossing Marston) is direct access to the pedestrian (and bicycle) overpass over 280 to Balboa Park and the BART station, but it’s also one-way and needs a contraflow lane for bicycle access.

Intersection Redesign
I noticed that the intersection of Judson and Edna was tricky before a woman was hit and killed there a few years ago. It’s a 4-way stop with ladder-painted crosswalks, but somehow the hills still make it hard for folks to see each other. People want to blame that fatality on distracted driving, but I believe you can design you way to safety. I recommend a raised, textured intersection. But the specific design treatment could depend on what is decided regarding the next paragraph.

Judson between Edna and Foerster, after City College, is ridiculously wide. This is a stupid waste of space. Let’s put a park on some of this roadway!

There’s a beautiful piece of open space on City College property south of Judson at Foerster. I love walking through it towards BART. But City College should allow access through it’s campus here rather than the fence they currently have erected which prevents pedestrians from accessing the roadway around the soccer field this way.

That’s it for now. This list is a work in progress.

A sneak peak at Unity Plaza

The new Unity Plaza on Ocean, next to the City College bus station is about 80 percent complete according to SFMTA’s Jon Katz. The grand opening is slated for October 1 at 11 am. More to come on this soon!

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Today: Open House for City College Facilities Master Plan

Sunnyside Neighborhood Association

unnamed (1)[More information about the Facilities Master Plan here. Survey results below.]

Facilities Master Plan: Ocean Campus

Tuesday, August 2, 2016
6:00pm – 8:00pm
Multi-Use Building Room 140
CCSF Ocean Campus, 50 Phelan Avenue


You’re invited to join CCSF at an Open House for the opportunity to provide valuable input that will transform the college’s Ocean Campus to best serve 21st century students. This will be an opportunity to:
  • Review data collected about existing campus conditions  
  • Provide information about existing campus conditions   
  • Provide comments about potential planning issues 

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Westwood Park Issues a Balboa Reservoir “Call to Arms”

The Westwood Park Association is circulating a flyer asking for five hundred units in the Balboa Reservoir, along with 1500 parking spaces.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.54.45 PM

Here’s the full document.

sutter stockton garage

The 1865 space, eight storey Sutter Stockton Garage

The Balboa Reservoir Community Advisory Committee meets this Monday, June 13 at 6:15pm in room 140 of the MUB building on Phelan Ave. The Committee will reach a consensus on the the Transportation Parameter which, among other things addresses the ratio of parking to apartments.

At the time of this posting the meeting has yet to be listed on the San Francisco Panning Department BRCAC website. The agenda and revised parameters should be up by the end of the day (Friday)

Parking and Transportation: two ways to participate in current issues

From the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association blog.

Sunnyside Neighborhood Association

An important message about how you can participate in current issues at the Planning Dept, from Jeremy Shaw:

Please be advised of the following pertinent transportation announcements:

  1. The SF County Transportation Authority and Mayor’s Office of Transportation is conducting a transportation survey for parents of kindergarten through 5th graders attending school in San Francisco.
  2. The SFMTA is undertaking a comprehensive, data-driven evaluation of the Residential Parking Permit, or RPP, program. If you’re interested, the closest meeting to you will be held tomorrow, May 25th. If you cannot make it tomorrow, there are three other meetings elsewhere on the topic.

Please share with your networks as you see fit.

Jeremy Shaw

JEREMY SHAW | Planner/Urban Designer | SF PLANNING | 415.575.9135

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Coming up this week — Mobility and the Balboa Reservoir

Building a new neighborhood in the Balboa Reservoir will help to alleviate the city’s housing crises but how do we do that without disrupting mobility? Transit, pedestrian access, traffic congestion, and parking are some of the parts of the puzzle to be solved before we can arrive at a safe and livable community for the whole area.

This month’s Balboa Reservoir Community Advisory Committee meeting will discuss transportation to and around the future Reservoir neighborhood as well as the surrounding neighborhoods and CCSF. A speaker from Nelson Nygaard  Consultants will present the area-wide transportation demand management plan. Then we will turn our attention to the revised transportation parameters.

Of course, there will be opportunity for public comment.
Here’s the Agenda.

City College of San Francisco
Multi-Use Building, Room 140
55 Phelan Avenue,
San Francisco, CA 94112

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 6:15 PM