Glen park BIke Share Update

DlIlM8XXsAAGWHROver 100 bike share supporters in Glen Park made a permit possible for a bike share station at Randall at Chenery by emailing and calling their electeds and decision makers.

Unfortunately, in early February as crews were about to install the permitted station an MTA Board member placed an “emergency hold” on the permit behind closed doors outside of the official permitting process. This was because two people complained at an in-person MTA Board meeting on January 15th that community outreach was not sufficient. This station went through two years of public outreach including multiple community meetings and hundreds of comments submitted.

This Tuesday, March 5th, SFMTA bike share program staff will be presenting on the public outreach process for bike share at the MTA board meeting. This has implications for the pace of bike share expansion everywhere. The meeting is at City Hall room 400 and begins at 1PM. The agenda order will be posted here. Please raise your voice to say enough stalling on bike share expansion! The community outreach process is thorough and long enough. Showing up at the board meeting to comment will be most effective, but you can also email the board at