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Thursday Afternoon Walk

I took a walk down the boulevard, today. I thought a few photos of things I was thinking about would be interesting.


What will go in here? I never went in when it was a martial arts dojo, but I was sad when it closed. Will it be developed into another single family home? Will flats go in? Will a new business take over? In my head, I wish it would become a cosy cafe and bookstore combo or a really good shoe repair and tailor.


This street is always good for a little sidewalk shopping (and when the traffic isn’t too bad it is a pleasant place to ride your bicycle). It has been a few years since I felt a need to take anything large home, but someone left out a quite nice Nikon bag the other day and I was grateful. The drawers that match my futon (the actual matching pair I couldn’t afford when I bought the futon) appeared at Detroit at just the time I needed them, too. Hopefully, the water filter I left out the other day made someone happy.


Christmas bicycles and daily dog walks. Every year for decades, this scene has changed very little.


These buses get more crowded and used every year. Some people complain, but I like to think about how people choose to get around. I wish the trolley still ran down Monterey.


When children can ride freely in a space, it is a good space. I wish I saw more kid’s bicycles locked up on the street, waiting for their riders. It is hard to be unhappy seeing those streamers!


Decorative gourde season seems to last a while around here! With the rains actually coming to us this year, and weather cold enough for our deciduous trees to actually turn, have you considered adopting a drain so none of us get flooded? It doesn’t take much and makes a huge difference to everyone!

Had an interesting walk on the boulevard recently?

Plagerism! (In a good way)



Remember the window signs that appeared in widows and on poles all over the neighborhood a few years back? Well, someone else has taken up the baton and is running with it. 

New signs with a very similar design urging motorists to slow down are popping up along the Boulevard. This time the signs are being posted by an ad hoc merchants association led by Dot Realty.


Click to see flyer

We are so happy to have the support of the local business community! Merchants (and realtors in particular) know that safe, livable streets are good for business, for home values, and for community. Go drop in at their office and pick up a sign for your window or telephone pole!


For the last few years The Friends of Monterey Boulevard has been working with Safeway and the Planning Department to find a a way to mitigate the impact of the planned doubling in size of the store. That’s why at long last we are happy … Continue reading

Our new Supervisor, Norman Yee

The Friends normanof Monterey Boulevard welcomes Norman Yee as the new District 7 Supervisor.

He ran a great campaign which centered on a platform of public safety.  “I would like to find creative ways to slow down traffic in commercial and residential areas to protect bikers and pedestrians,” Norman said. In fact, his position on public safety was profoundly influenced by a near deadly encounter he had with a car while crossing the street in a crosswalk South of Market.

We are anxious to meet with him as soon as he gets settled in his new digs at City Hall as we look forward to a new era of progress right here on our beloved Main Drag.

–Jon Winston

Thanks Volunteers!

ImageBig thanks today to all of the volunteers who helped to improve the Boulevard today! twenty people planted over six hundred plant before noon!

An extra special thank you goes out to Richard Goldman and Lisa Spinali who made the great sandwiches, Nicole Nantiste  who wrote the grant, and especially Keren and Bob Abra who organized the whole thing!