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San Jose Ave Traffic Calming construction starts this weekend

We got this letter from Michael Riebe PE from the MTA Livable Streets Department:

Dear San Jose Avenue / I-280 Pilot Project Neighbors,

Thank you for your interest and involvement in the SFMTA’s San Jose Avenue and I-280 Pilot Project.  Construction is scheduled to start on the restriping of northbound San Jose Avenue from the I-280 off-ramp to Randall St beginningMonday, June 2. During construction several roadways entering the project area will be need to be closed to ensure the project is done in a safe manner for both motorists and our paint shop crew.

The following streets will be closed from 9am to 3pm on Monday, June 2 through Friday, June 6:

  • Northbound I-280 San Jose Avenue Off-ramp
  • Northbound San Jose Avenue at Tingley Street
  • Northbound Monterey Boulevard ramp to San Jose Avenue

Electronic message signs will be placed on the street this weekend to notify drivers of the detour and Caltrans will be utilizing their overhead freeway message signs.

Bicycle access will be maintained during the closure.

The proposed new roadway configuration at the “triple merge point” will include a lane reduction, and the existing bicycle lane on the Monterey Boulevard overpass and San Jose Avenue to Randall St will be further enhanced through widening and the addition of physical separation. Collectively, these improvements are intended to:

  • Increase safety for bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorists along the corridor
  • Reduce traffic speeds on northbound San Jose Avenue
  • Reduce cut-through traffic from northbound I-280

The SFMTA is looking forward to implementing this pilot project to calm traffic and improve bicycle access through the area.  Thank you again for your participation and please contact me if you have any questions. 

Have a good weekend,
Michael Riebe PE
Associate Engineer
SFMTA | Livable Streets
P: 415.701.2467



25 on Monterey is becoming a reality!

As you know The Friends of Monterey Boulevard has been working constantly (some would say obsessively) to lower the speed limit on The Boulevard. In fact, the first post on the subject was in November, 2009– almost five years ago.

Since then Norman Yee, a great proponent of pedestrian safety was elected to the Board of Supervisors. We took our case to him and he listened, asking us to round up the support of the neighborhood stakeholders. We did just that and came back with endorsements from the schools, the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association, the Friends of the Sunnyside Conservatory, and a unanimous vote from the San Francisco Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee.

According to state law SFMTA had to conduct a speed survey to determine if it could legally lower the speed limit. We sat on pins and needles waiting for the results until this email to PSAC chair Zack Marks arrived in the inbox–

Hello Mr. Marks:

The latest speed survey recommends a reduction to 25 MPH.  Amending the transportation code accordingly is currently going through the legislative process, and afterwards, the speed limit signs will be updated.
Bryant Woo, P.E.
SFMTA – Sustainable Streest
1 South Van Ness Ave., 7th Floor
San Francisco, CA  94103
A bit anticlimactic but nonetheless… SUCCESS! An informal vote count shows at least seven votes on the Board of Supervisors.
We’d like to thank everyone involved in making this potentially life saving step towards a more livable neighborhood, including Capt. Falvey and the officers of Ingleside Station who has stepped up traffic enforcement in the neighborhood. We also could never forget to thank Walk San Francisco for their invaluable assistance since the beginning.

Speak out this Tuesday for lower speeds on Monterey and in the neighborhood!



Sunnyside traffic calming is on the agenda at this Tuesday’s Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee meeting. Join with the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association Traffic Calming group to make your views known about lowering the speed limit on Monterey to 25 mph, getting a speed hump on your street or whatever bugs you about high speed traffic in the neighborhood.

PSAC os the advisory committee that reports on the needs of the city’s pedestrians to the Board of Supervisors, SFMTA and the Mayor.

The meeting takes place at 
6:00PM, Tuesday Sept. 10
Room 400
City Hall


Streets Blog posted an example of the kind of improvements that were agreed to by the Whole Foods that is going in at Market and Dolores to mitigate its traffic impact. A similar arrangement might work in Sunnyside.  Read the article here.

As part of a newly-approved agreement, developers will add a sidewalk extension at Market and Dolores to make room for a mini plaza. Image: Prado Group

Our new Supervisor, Norman Yee

The Friends normanof Monterey Boulevard welcomes Norman Yee as the new District 7 Supervisor.

He ran a great campaign which centered on a platform of public safety.  “I would like to find creative ways to slow down traffic in commercial and residential areas to protect bikers and pedestrians,” Norman said. In fact, his position on public safety was profoundly influenced by a near deadly encounter he had with a car while crossing the street in a crosswalk South of Market.

We are anxious to meet with him as soon as he gets settled in his new digs at City Hall as we look forward to a new era of progress right here on our beloved Main Drag.

–Jon Winston

Safeway to mitigate its impact with pedestrian enhancements.

Safeway has unveiled plans for corner bulb-outs that will shorten the crossing distance for pedestrians at Foerster and Monterey in an effort to offset the ill effects of increased traffic and the removal of the median in front of the soon to be remodeled store.

Natalie Mattei, Safeway’s liason to the neighborhood told The Friends of Monterey Blvd that they are also looking at funding other pedestrian friendly projects at Edna and at the midblock crosswalk at Detroit St such as a permanent radar speed sign and flashing lights to warn drivers of pedestrians in the crosswalk.

Stay tuned!

Safeway’s traffic engineers’ plan for curb bulb-outs at Monterey and Foerster. The green lines show the path of the 43 and 36 busses.

New plan for Safeway delivery truck route

Safeway is proposing a new delivery truck route for the remodeled store as an alternative to driving them up and back from the 280 Monterey ramp. (This applies to the three or four Safeway 18-wheelers that come to the store each day)

Trucks would approach the store from the eastbound lane. They would exit 280 North at Mission/Geneva, travel across Ocean Avenue onto Phelan Avenue, pass City College, turn right on Judson, left on Gennessee, and travel north to Monterey. The trucks would back into the loading dock as in Plan #1, but from the eastbound lanes in front of the store.

Trucks would exit going east on Monterey Blvd to 280.

This would mean that Safeway would not have to remove the median in front of the store, although they would still agree to the traffic calming measures FoMB has proposed for Monterey.

We’re curious as to how the residents of the side streets used in this route feel.


Traffic getting you down? Get a window sign!

Show the world you’re mad as hell about high speed traffic outside your door! Go to your window now tell the world you aren’t going to take it any more! Download this  window sign  here.  Or look out for FOM’ers this weekend as volunteers give out big, printed signs. We’ll also be collecting signatures for a grant application the SNA is applying for to green the median. More on that later! (In the meantime think San Jose Ave.)