Vote Now for Pedestrian Safety on Monterey!

This is the fourth year of Supervisor Yee’s Participatory Budget. Residents of District 7 can vote on-line from now until March 31 for for their favorite ways to allocate money for the neighborhood.

This year, The Friends of Monterey Boulevard and the Sunnyside neighborhood Association have worked together for Pedestrian Safety in the neighborhood, including an electronic sign that warns drivers to slow down when they are speeding.

Go to right now and spend thirty seconds to vote for this important project!pb_2017


Balboa Reservoir News

The following was released today from the San Francisco Planning Department:

We are writing to provide you with a few brief updates on the Balboa Reservoir.


The next CAC meeting date has been advanced to Monday, March 13, 2017 at the normal time and location: 6:15pm at City College MUB Room 140. We will focus on expanding community outreach to ensure broad and inclusive attendance at a future meeting for prospective developers (see above) to present their visions for the Balboa Reservoir. The meeting’s agenda is posted online at We encourage your input on the question of broad, inclusive community engagement. In preparation for Monday, please consider the following questions:

  • Which groups or communities should we make sure to engage?
  • How can we ensure that they are informed and able to participate?


An evaluation panel made up of City staff from SFPUC, OEWD, the Planning Department, SFMTA, and MOHCD, as well as representatives of the Balboa Reservoir Community Advisory Committee and City College of San Francisco, have concluded the Balboa Reservoir RFQ process. We were delighted to receive nine responses from a diverse and thoughtful group of potential partners. The following three RFQ respondent teams (listed alphabetically) received the three highest scores and are invited to submit development proposals:

  • AvalonBay Communities and BRIDGE Housing with Mission Housing, Pacific Union Development Company, and Habitat for Humanity of Greater San Francisco
  • Emerald Fund and Mercy Housing
  • Related Companies with Sares Regis Group of Northern California, Curtis Development, and Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation

The next step is for these development teams to submit more detailed development proposals for Balboa Reservoir. The Request for Proposals (RFP) document outlining the proposal process is now posted on the Balboa Reservoir Development Opportunity website, These proposals will be due in June, at which point they will be presented publicly and receive community feedback.


We are excited to welcome Supervisor Yee’s newest appointee to the CAC, Maurice Rivers. Maurice lives in the Oceanview-Merced Heights-Ingleside (OMI) and is a Board Member of the OMI Cultural Participation Project, Ocean Avenue Association, and the OMI Community Collaborative. He is a graduate of City College of San Francisco and the owner of the Umbrella Tree, a small business consultancy for office management and spatial organization. Maurice is also the Neighborhood Lead for Nextdoor Ingleside, a neighborhood blog that connects neighbors and businesses in the OMI. He will be filling the seat previously held by Maria Picar. Welcome Maurice!

We look forward to seeing you Monday!

中文詢問請電: (415) 575-9010
Para información en Español llamar al: (415) 575-9010
Para sa impormasyon sa Tagalog tumawag sa: (415) 575-9121

Pedestrian Beacon at Detroit Held up by SFMTA

A pedestrian beacon warning drivers of walkers in the mid-block crosswalk at Detroit has been approved thanks to Supervisor Norman Yee. Now The Mbeacon.jpegTA is failing to give priority to its installation.

Please call or email the MTA right now and tell them you are tired of the chaos on the Boulevard and you want the beacon installed right away.

Aim your comments here:
Neal Patel, 415.701.5485
Janet Martinsen 415-701-4693
SFMTA Director of Transportation:
SFMTA Board of Directors:
Please CC:

Safeway rebuild forecast for early next year.

Richard Goldman attended the February 6 meeting of the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association and wrote up this report about the ongoing Safeway saga.

Natalie Mattei, Senior Real Estate Manager for Safeway-Albertsons, along with Eric Horine, their Nor-Cal Construction Manager, and Rick Pickering, their Senior VP of Store Management, attended last night’s SNA meeting and briefed members and residents on the Monterey Blvd store’s remodel progress.

They are in round 2 of permit application process with Planning and expect a third round.This project being as large as it is, with as many moving parts, it is likely that permits will be issued towards the end of 2017, and then jobs put out to bid. Following holidays, anticipated store closure and demolition would being early 2018. Estimated store closure remains the same, about one year, depending on weather, it could go longer. Design has not changed, and SF Supervisor Norman Yee was in attendance and will be able to facilitate any hurdles, if encountered, in the permitting process. Supervisor Yee’s staff are all in the loop with Safeway and SFPlanning.

In terms of the current store’s condition: the roof has been repaired as best it can be, and is not leaking during this current storm. Natalie and her colleagues assured SNA neighbors in attendance that they are all committed to maintaining the current store in good operating condition until it closes.
Natalie Mattei will once again be connecting more closely with the neighborhood, and will be our point person for the remodel as it develops. She asked that if we see unsafe or hazardous conditions, to please take photos, (as they are worth 1,000 words) and send them to her or to SNA directly.

Broken Water Main

water main failure

You may have noticed a lot of water pouring out from under the median at Acadia for the last couple of days. I thought it might be just a lot of runoff from all of the rain coming down the mountain (Have you seen all of the water coming down the hills in Glen Canyon? Forget seen, have you heard it? There is water everywhere in there!). Turns out, it was a broken water main. Repairs began today- just in time for rush hour! Hopefully you didn’t get caught in the crazy.

Addendum- My husband tells me he saw the tale end of a bicycle v truck collision  this morning, possibly caused by the flooding water. Anyone out there know anything about this?

When Your Kid Can’t Cross Your Street

Tonight I got a little wake up call. Nothing dramatic. In fact, it didn’t really strike me until I was trying to fall asleep.

My kids are all pretty big at this point. They are all old enough to get themselves to and from wherever it is they need to go without my intervention. Fully loaded Clipper cards have been supplied, and they each have smart phones that let them access all the transportation maps they could ever need. Muni is their friend and the bus stops 10 feet from our front door. There is rarely a time when I worry about how my kids will get to where they are going, even when the rain is horizontal, as it was tonight when my daughter came home from school around 5:30.

When she walked in the door, she was in a good mood, but drenched from head to foot. She told me it was way too windy for her umbrella and she had walked the two blocks from Safeway to get home. I asked if the bus had broken down or she had stopped to buy something at the store.

“No. The rain is crazy and there was no way I was going to try to cross at Edna or Detroit! Those drivers are nuts, they can’t see anything, and they aren’t stopping!”.

Think about that for a moment. The conditions for a pedestrian on Monterey Blvd. were so bad that it made more sense to walk two long blocks, in horizontal rain from winds so fierce the trees are dropping their branches on our heads than ride all the way home and get off a dry bus and cross the street at Detroit (basically straight into our front door) for the benefit of the only real traffic control on this end of the boulevard (at Foerster).

My twelve year old son would not have done that. He would have tried dashing across Detroit, where no one stops when the rain starts (not that they stop much when the sun is out).  It makes little difference that I have told him a million times not to. That is how being a twelve year old boy goes. He would have been stuck in the median long enough that he would have chanced running across when on coming cars looked like they were far enough away for him to make it, just to get out of the storm.

In his farewell address to the United States tonight, Barack Obama reminded us all that we are the ones who can change what we see. We need to work for what we want, fight for what is right. Jon and I started working for a better boulevard 7 years ago. Recently, we have started to pick up that flag again. Tonight I was reminded, again and on a directly personal level, why. We live here. We should be able to walk here, even in horizontal rain.



It’s Raining Trees!

Mother Nature had a rager on the Boulevard last night! A sample from my block.






It is sure to be another night of falling foliage, so be careful out there! Make sure your street drains are clear. Maybe wear a helmet if you are out walking : )