Safeway rebuild forecast for early next year.

Richard Goldman attended the February 6 meeting of the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association and wrote up this report about the ongoing Safeway saga.

Natalie Mattei, Senior Real Estate Manager for Safeway-Albertsons, along with Eric Horine, their Nor-Cal Construction Manager, and Rick Pickering, their Senior VP of Store Management, attended last night’s SNA meeting and briefed members and residents on the Monterey Blvd store’s remodel progress.

They are in round 2 of permit application process with Planning and expect a third round.This project being as large as it is, with as many moving parts, it is likely that permits will be issued towards the end of 2017, and then jobs put out to bid. Following holidays, anticipated store closure and demolition would being early 2018. Estimated store closure remains the same, about one year, depending on weather, it could go longer. Design has not changed, and SF Supervisor Norman Yee was in attendance and will be able to facilitate any hurdles, if encountered, in the permitting process. Supervisor Yee’s staff are all in the loop with Safeway and SFPlanning.

In terms of the current store’s condition: the roof has been repaired as best it can be, and is not leaking during this current storm. Natalie and her colleagues assured SNA neighbors in attendance that they are all committed to maintaining the current store in good operating condition until it closes.
Natalie Mattei will once again be connecting more closely with the neighborhood, and will be our point person for the remodel as it develops. She asked that if we see unsafe or hazardous conditions, to please take photos, (as they are worth 1,000 words) and send them to her or to SNA directly.


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