It’s Raining Trees!

Mother Nature had a rager on the Boulevard last night! A sample from my block.






It is sure to be another night of falling foliage, so be careful out there! Make sure your street drains are clear. Maybe wear a helmet if you are out walking : )

6 responses to “It’s Raining Trees!

  1. Thank you! And more on the way . . .!
    Think about adopting a drain? we just did on our block. It might help?

  2. My neighbor, Nicki. and I spent the day cleaning and clearing debris and opening up the railings on the Detroit St. stairs from Monterey to the landing near Hearst. The city will not acknowledge that the easement on both sides of the stairs ,which is a public right of way, is their responsibility for maintenance along with periodic cleaning of the stairs. LEN

    • Thanks for your work! I saw the pile of green at the top of the stairs. Seeing as the City has forced tree maintenance and ownership of street trees throughout the neighborhood on adjacent property owners, I am not surprised they do not maintain the stairway landscaping. The staircase between Monterey and Joost is a dangerous, slippery disaster!

  3. The poorly lit Detroit stairway – that lives in shade between Monterey and Joost – is a slip hazard from constant drainage of water (and I can only guess what else) from adjacent, fenced properties that abut the stairs,and run off from Joost,. Invasive (and overgrown) species of non-native (ie, noxious) weeds, wild fennel, and African Iris line the narrow, at times almost non-existent, easements of the stairs and have forced themselves onto the stepping; pine needles, berries, and leaves from the trees above can clog the stepping, as below on the constant in-shade Detroit stairs that connects to Hearst.
    In my thirty years as a resident of Monterey Blvd.I can not recall the last time, if ever, that the city has trimmed the trees that now tower over the Detroit steps . One neighbor paid out- of-pocket to have an arborist trim branches of the pine trees that tower over of the Detroit steps below Monterey.and impact the overhead utility wires.
    We filled two thirty-gallon Recology green (compost) bins in just cleaning the steps of pine needles, the red orange (potentially toxic) Pyracantha berries, a varietal of what appears to be on first glance to be a relative of Juniper berries, Eucalyptus seed pods. and layers of ever wet (read seriously slippery) decaying leaves. Len

  4. It would be interesting to know how other public staircases around SF are maintained. This can’t be a problem in just our little neck of the woods.

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