Area Transportation Demand Management Study Released

The first part of the Balboa Area Transportation Demand Management Plan, Existing Conditions is out.


Click here to download the full pdf.

From the Executive summary:

This Existing Conditions Report summarizes current transportation conditions in the Balboa Area to inform the Balboa Area Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plan. This report provides a detailed narrative of the existing transportation setting and demand throughout the Balboa Area. The report’s primary goal is to establish a shared understanding of the issues, opportunities, and challenges for various affected groups, including residents, businesses and public institutions, visitors, daily commuters traveling in and out of the area, and those traveling through the area on a daily basis.

This report contains a review of existing transportation conditions, population characteristics, and planned transportation and land use changes within the Balboa Area. The assessment of current conditions was developed using quantitative and qualitative data from various resources, including City College of San Francisco (CCSF) and neighborhood travel behavior surveys, intersection and roadway volume data, parking survey information, city planning reports and technical memoranda, feedback received from public engagement meetings, and field reconnaissance conducted by Nelson\Nygaard. The report also includes an introduction to TDM and conceptual TDM strategies that could form the basis of a Balboa Area TDM plan.

Auto, transit, pedestrian and bicycle traffic is heavily concentrated along Ocean Avenue, the main artery of the area, and there are a number of opportunities and constraints. The need for network connectivity between neighborhoods and access to key destinations such as CCSF, the Balboa Park BART Station, and local residences and businesses is evident. Using the understanding of the existing conditions presented in this report and ongoing community engagement to guide the development of a TDM plan, the forthcoming TDM plan will help provide a roadmap of how the community can manage their transportation investments, understand the tradeoffs, and create a more accessible, healthier, and livable community.



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