Pedestrian dies in hit and run on Monterey

We are sorry to report another hit and run on Monterey Blvd, this time with tragic consequences. The following is from an SFPD email:


I am writing to inform you of a traffic fatality which occurred over the weekend. On Saturday, December 3, at approximately 5:30 pm a 64 year old female and 65 year old male were crossing within the crosswalk at Monterey and Valdez Streets when they were struck by a passing pickup truck. The driver fled the scene and has not yet been located. Both victims were transported to SFGH for medical treatment. The male sustained minor injuries, the female pedestrian suffered internal injuries and passed yesterday, December 4. Officers canvassed the surrounding area and did not locate any video cameras. Sergeant Embody of TCIU is the lead investigator.

In response to this and two earlier crashes involving a pedestrian and a cyclist The San Francisco Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee is intoducing a resolution asking for the SFMTA to take a look at the problems for pedestrians and cyclists on Monterey and then fix them.The meeting will be held on Dec. 13 in room 400, City Hall.

Please write to Sunnyside Neigborhood Association President Stephen Martinpinto ( and tell him you want the SNA to endorse this resolution.


The following is the text of the resolution”

Monterey Boulevard is in need of a traffic safety study to identify remedies for the causes of recent collisions involving vulnerable street users. Once identified, these remedies must be applied as soon as possible to avoid further injuries or deaths.

Reasons are:

Monterey Boulevard was excluded from the December 2009 Sunnyside Traffic Calming Study.
Drivers regularly speed on Monterey Boulevard. The recent lowering of the speed limit to 25 miles per hour has failed to slow traffic in some areas.
Monterey Boulevard is a neighborhood street, while being used as a cut-through route from the west side of town to the I-280 ramp.
Three elementary schools and two preschools are situated within a block of the Boulevard. Students and their families regularly risk their lives crossing 4 lanes of high-speed traffic.
We Live Here, a report on pedestrian safety needs on Monterey Boulevard, was released in 2010 by Friends of Monterey Boulevard and Walk San Francisco in 2010, but many of its recommendations have yet to be enacted.
The midblock crossing at Detroit Street is unsignalized and hazardous to cross.
There is insufficient space for bicyclists to use the road safely, causing many to illegally ride on the sidewalks.
A pedestrian was seriously injured sustaining multiple fractures in a collision on
October 8, 2016.
A bicyclist was seriously injured sustaining brain trauma and multiple fractures on a week later on October 13, 2016.

Therefore, be it resolved that the City should conduct a study on Monterey Boulevard to identify problems and recommend solutions that will improve safety and security for pedestrians and bicyclists. Be it further resolved that the proposed solutions be installed as soon as possible.

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