A pedestrian and a bicyclist are seriously hurt this month on Monterey Blvd.


Ming Louie

This month brought disturbing news of very serious traffic injuries to two of our neighbors.

Ming Louie was hit and critically injured while trying to cross the street at Edna St.  He needed nine hours of extensive surgery. Word on Nextdoor is that he is now breathing on his own.

Many Sunnysiders who have worked on the Circular Greening aaeaaqaaaaaaaavfaaaajgeyywrmzgywltezmzmtndewzi05njliltzmytbiyzfimwnhzaproject or spent a Sunday moring weeding the Median on Monterey Blvd know this soft spoken, generous man.

Then, a week later Bob Donjacour was thrown from his bike by a hit-and-run driver of a black Range Rover SUV. He too is still hospitalized with severe brain injury and multiple broken bones.

FoMB Requested Traffic Calming on Monterey Blvd Six Years Ago

As tragic as these two incidents are, they are worsened by the fact that they were totally avoidable. Exactly six years to the day before Mr. Donjacour’s collision The Friends of Monterey Boulevard and Walk San Francisco released a Study of traffic problems on the Boulevard. It recommended the current twenty five mile per hour speed limit and the school zone around Sunnyside Elementary and St Finn Barr but comprehensive traffic calming was rejected by SFMTA. The street was left out of the Sunnyside traffic calming study. Monterey, they said, is a thoroughfare for cut though traffic from the west side of town and therefore a fast, unimpeded flow of cars was of more importance than safety for vulnerable users.

We think otherwise.

In an emergency meeting today members of FoMB and the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association met and crafted a plan. The San Francisco Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee will introduce a resolution  advising the Municipal Transportation Agency to study and quickly follow up with a shovel-ready plan to calm traffic on our main drag. We think the ongoing Masonic Avenue Streetscape Project is a good model.

Oh, and we would also like a traffic signal or flashing lights at the Detroit St. crossing, along with a nearby radar actuated speed sign, as recommended in our study from six years ago.

We are asking that his issue is to be scheduled as an agenda item at the next SNA quarterly meeting at 7:00pm on Oct. 24 at St. Finn Barr Church. If you care about safety for the most vulnerable road users in the neighborhood please come and make your voice heard.



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