AESOP AMUCK: Theater show in Glen Park

Rebecca Longworth sends this press release:

Hello neighbors!

I am producing a free, outdoor theatre show for families that will play at Glen Park on August 9 at 2pm, and I thought you’d like to know about it.

In brief:
AESOP AMUCK is a 60-minute romp through more than a dozen of Aesop’s fables, including many well-known stories such as The Tortoise and the Hare as well as some that are rarely remembered, like The Frogs and the Ox, in which a frog’s attempts to become as large as an ox meet with disaster. There’s a menagerie of animals who meet with mayhem, silly original songs, and morals from the weird to the wise. Grab a juice box, pack a picnic, and prepare for adventure! AESOP AMUCK will be enjoyed by teetering tots, curmudgeonly elders, and everyone in between.

AESOP AMUCK travels to Bay Area parks and public spaces with its own mobile stage, a folding contraption called FluxWagon that looks like a brightly painted gypsy wagon. The Peripatetic Players greet the audience while they unfold FluxWagon to reveal a stage complete with mechanical scenery and props that the troupe uses and misuses throughout their lighthearted staging.

You can learn more at our website,

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