Plans for Safeway street improvements released

The Friends of Monterey Blvd and Safeway have been negotiating for years about how to mitigate the traffic impacts associated with the upcoming remodel and today the fruits of that labor are here.

Originally, Safeway wanted to remove the median in front of the store so that large delivery trucks could back across four lanes into the loading dock. This is the only way groceries can be delivered. Trucks must exit the freeway at Monterey to get to the store.

In the final agreement Safeway will remove the three dfoersterSEead palms and foersterNWinstall a “mountable” median that trucks will roll over to make the deliveries. They also propose to install three “bulb out” sidewalk extensions at the Monterey/Foerster intersection.

These extensions will add space for pedestrians as they walk to Sunnyside  and St. Finn Barr Schoolsand reduce the crossing distances. Waiting for the bus will be and better experience too.

FoersterSWThe whole project will go before the Planning Commission on December 11.

We think this plan will be the best way to deal with the expected increased traffic from the improved Safeway, while making our Boulevard a safer place for the people who live and work here.  What do you think?

Complete drawings (pdf) are here.

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