The Planning Commission sets a date for the Safeway remodel hearing


Photo courtesy Safeway

Below is an update from Marcelle Boudreaux, the planner overseeing the Safeway project. If you’d like to drop by for public comment he meeting starts at noon on Dec. 11 but we don’t know as yet when the item will come up. Check @MontereyBlvdSF  or contact us here for updates during the afternoon. You can also email your comments. (Instructions below)

More information on the remodel can be found at the Safeway site.

625 Monterey Blvd, case no. 2010.0401C – aka Safeway Monterey – has been calendared for the December 11, 2014 Planning Commission calendar. There will be a public notice mailed out to property owners within 300 feet and posted on site at the property at minimum 20 days before the hearing. I’ll email a notice to all of you who have contacted me, but I have not prepared it yet.

If you would like any comments included in the packet prior to submittal to the Planning Commissioners for review, be sure I have communication submitted to me (by email, by mail or by phone) by Wednesday December 5th @ 5pm. Anything submitted after that time will be noted during staff presentation, or can be submitted by members of the public during the public comment period when this item is being heard.  Member of the public can attend the hearing to speak; the Planning Commission is held in Room 400 at City Hall starting at noon. About a week before the hearing, we may have a better idea of timing for when this specific item may be heard.  Feel free to review the Planning Department website, Planning Commission agendas, for more information —  The case report will be prepared a week prior to the hearing date, and linkable from the online agenda.


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