Safeway come through with a plan we can all live with.


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For the last few years The Friends of Monterey Boulevard has been working with Safeway and the Planning Department to find a a way to mitigate the impact of the planned doubling in size of the store.

That’s why at long last we are happy to report that Safeway has addressed virtually all of our concerns. Here’s what they are proposing:

The median will not be removed in front of the store. Instead it will be replaced with a new, four inch high median with sloped sides. That way the three delivery trucks that will come each day will be able to back up over the median and into the new, enclosed loading dock. An additional shorter length of landscaped median will also be added to the west.

This is a vast improvement over removing the median and leaving the street wide open to higher speeds and will make traffic more orderly before it gets to the school crossing at Foerster.

Safeway is also proposing big improvements at the Foerster intersection with bulbouts that will extend the sidewalk out into the street. This will shorten the crossing distance for pedestrians. It

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will also free up space for the the bus stops on Monterey allowing more elbow room for people who are waiting for MUNI as well as walkers. Taken as a whole the improvements will also act to calm traffic at this heavily used and dangerous school crossing. We hope this will also mitigate the effect of the many new Safeway customers envisioned in the Environmental Impact Study. 

We know That most everyone in the neighborhood has waited a long time for this project to get under way but we think that with these improvements the wait has been worth it.


5 responses to “Safeway come through with a plan we can all live with.

  1. Three palms will be removed. Will they be replaced, or are they just gone?
    Also, I’m not sure that a “mountable” media will slow traffic…

    • Julie, Safeway is going to have a new fully enclosed loading dock at the easternmost side of the store. There are two ways they will be able to back the truck in. One way is for the truck to come via Ocean and Gennessee but that is very strongly opposed by the residents of Gennessee. The other option is for the trucks to come up Monterey from the freeway, pull over into the right lane, then back up across all four lanes into the dock.

      Originally Safeway proposed removing the median altogether We hated that idea because it would open the street up to speeding and create confusion just before the Safeway driveway.

      I hope this explains how we reached this compromise.

  2. I understand that the three palms will have to be placed elsewhere (if you look at all the median palms, this is a poor environment for them anyway.) However, I also understand that Safeway has to provide greenery elsewhere in the vicinity. I’d like to see more street trees or – better still – sidewalk beds of low drought tolerant plants provided wherever the sidewalks near Safeway and the intersections are wide enough to accommodate them and foot traffic. The city supports a program for installing sidewalk beds with the help of neighbors that Lisa – SNA – is already considering for Sunnyside. This program has helped many neighborhoods become safer for pedestrians, and reduce crime, graffiti and litter, as well as calming traffic. To do this, neighbors and probably Safeway have to be responsible for maintaining the planted beds, just as we do now with the medians.
    I’m sure SNA, its Greening committee, Friends of MB, & Safeway, etc will welcome more ideas!

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  4. What is the time frame for this project? Do we have a start date?

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