Keren and Bob invite you to spuce up the median with Supervisor Yee

Supervisor Norman Yee has made a special offer of help to our Greening crew. He asked if he and his interns could work with all of us on weeding Monterey Blvd, on Saturday July 13. He wants his interns to see how a successful city+neighborhood project can work. (Pause, high fives all round!)
DPW will help with lane closures, extra tools, & clean-up.
Can you help?  We could get most of the medians done!!!
The plan:
Meet at Ridgewood/Monterey 9am. Sat 7/13. Bring your gloves, a bucket or sturdy shopping bag, weeding tool, & safety vest, if you have these. We will provide them too, and the usual coffee, cookies & water. We finish at 12 noon.
We need as many people to help as possible, if only for an hour or so. Come, enjoy improving the Boulevard!
Keren & Bob

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