Supervisor Yee Calls for D7 Pedestrian Safety Hearing

From Supervisor Yee’s Facbook page:

Today at the Full Board I requested a hearing on Pedestrian Safety in District 7

I asked the MTA, the Planning Department and the Department of Public Health to report on the number of collisions and fatal collisions as well as the most dangerous intersections in District 7.

Additionally I am asking the Transportation Authority to present on priority Pedestrian Safety Projects in District 7 and available funding for those projects.

Really excited to start working for the People of District 7


4 responses to “Supervisor Yee Calls for D7 Pedestrian Safety Hearing

  1. Happy to see progress related to pedestrian safety. Wanted to mention an often missed aspect of pedestrian activity: the lack of street lights in the Sunnyside neighborhood. When I walk my dogs at night I have to use a flashlight.

  2. STOP signs on Foerster at Mangels Ave re CHILDREN’s PARK at Sunnyside Playground

  3. Please provide a large enough median so people crossing Monterey at Circular have a safe refuge. The current “median” is no more than a foot across and very unsafe to try to balance on as cars speed off the freeway. I’ve seen seniors and mothers with small children get caught there, with no safe place to stand.
    I hope it doesn’t take a fatality to get a change there. So many people cross there to get to BART.

  4. We need traffic control at Detroit and Monterey!!!! Other than the off-ramp at Circular, the stretch between Congo and Edna is the fastest and most aggressive part of Monterey Blvd and there is nothing but paint to stop the driver’s to allow pedestrians to cross safely. Dropping the speed limit to 25 needs to happen, too!

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