Safeway to mitigate its impact with pedestrian enhancements.

Safeway has unveiled plans for corner bulb-outs that will shorten the crossing distance for pedestrians at Foerster and Monterey in an effort to offset the ill effects of increased traffic and the removal of the median in front of the soon to be remodeled store.

Natalie Mattei, Safeway’s liason to the neighborhood told The Friends of Monterey Blvd that they are also looking at funding other pedestrian friendly projects at Edna and at the midblock crosswalk at Detroit St such as a permanent radar speed sign and flashing lights to warn drivers of pedestrians in the crosswalk.

Stay tuned!

Safeway’s traffic engineers’ plan for curb bulb-outs at Monterey and Foerster. The green lines show the path of the 43 and 36 busses.


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