New plan for Safeway delivery truck route

Safeway is proposing a new delivery truck route for the remodeled store as an alternative to driving them up and back from the 280 Monterey ramp. (This applies to the three or four Safeway 18-wheelers that come to the store each day)

Trucks would approach the store from the eastbound lane. They would exit 280 North at Mission/Geneva, travel across Ocean Avenue onto Phelan Avenue, pass City College, turn right on Judson, left on Gennessee, and travel north to Monterey. The trucks would back into the loading dock as in Plan #1, but from the eastbound lanes in front of the store.

Trucks would exit going east on Monterey Blvd to 280.

This would mean that Safeway would not have to remove the median in front of the store, although they would still agree to the traffic calming measures FoMB has proposed for Monterey.

We’re curious as to how the residents of the side streets used in this route feel.



One response to “New plan for Safeway delivery truck route

  1. The outbound 43 Masonic line takes Gennessee the opposite direction along this same stretch. I don’t think this street is wide enough for a bus to pass an 18-wheeler with parked cars on both sides. Nor do I want to see the bus or 18-wheeler have to back up a couple blocks to let the other by. Surely someone at Safeway and/or Muni has considered this problem and there is a plan to prevent it, right?

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