New banners go up on Monterey

After months of false starts, we finally got a few banners up in the commercial zone of Monterey Blvd.  The message is simple: We live here. Please slow down. In three languages.

Its sad that we have to resort to advertising to say what should be obvious, that we are a family community with all types of people who need a livable space but, there it is.

(Thanks to a grant from the San Francisco Dept. of Health)


2 responses to “New banners go up on Monterey

  1. Good luck with that. Unfortunately I think Monterey will need to be reengineered before it becomes safe.

  2. Stuart, the grant is also going towards a pedestrian study of the three main crossings used by the schools near Monterey. We are counting cars and pedestrians and logging their interactions with cars. We also have a questionaire out on the streets and on the net at After we crunch the numbers and listen to the community we hope to have a better idea of what the solutions might be.

    Stay tuned…

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