Five Temporary, Part Time Jobs with FOMB in September

We need traffic counters, and we need them now!  If you have 4 days that you can share with us (dates to be determined but in the first week of September) we need 5 people. Here are the details-

1) from 7:00 AM to 8:45 AM and 2:40 PM to 3:30 PM each of the 4 days

2) You will be taking a count of the number of pedestrians at one of 4 intersections along Monterey Blvd.  This count will also include the number and type of crossings (interactions with cars not stopping, bus cut offs, number of cyclists on sidewalks, red light/ stop sign runners….)

3) There will be training for this job through a local senior organization.  This is a paid, part time, temporary position (let us know if you are interested for information on pay scale).

Information from this visual survey will be used to help create a more accurate account of just how Monterey Ave. is utilized on a daily basis.  Ultimately, his will help in the future planning of a more pedestrian and neighborhood centered Boulevard!


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