Important! Please fill out our survey!

In our  effort to improve conditions on Monterey Boulevard we are unveiling our new survey. We want to know everything about how you use Monterey Blvd– Where you walk, intersections you cross, your level of confidence as a pedestrian, bicyclist or driver, which intersections you find dangerous, etc. We will then use the data to prioritize our proposals for improvements and know what to leave well enough alone.

We need hundreds of responses from all types of street users! Please help us to circulate this survey far and wide. The more people who respond, the more accurate our data will be.

2 responses to “Important! Please fill out our survey!

  1. The survey seems to be prompting folk to see cycling as a threat to pedestrians. Not sure if that is the right paradigm to mine. A calmed boulevard where cyclists are not relegated to the extreme right, especially in the downhill direction (as opposed to bike lanes) would ensure that everyone is more visible, not creating more ped safety issues.

  2. they are a threat. fast, quiet, and too many ignore stops, yields, and red lights.

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