FoMB Secures Pedestrian Safety Grant

Banners like this will line Monterey reminding drivers to slow down.

The Friends of Monterey Blvd has learned that it will be recipient of a $10,000 grant from the Pedestrian Project at the Department of Public Health and the San Francisco Study Center. The project will prioritize the needs of vulnerable populations, including seniors, children, and people with disabilities.

The most visible manifestation of the project will be banners that will be strung from light poles along Monterey with pictures and text that will remind drivers that they need to slow down when passing through our neighborhood.

Working with the pedestrian advocates at Walk San Francisco we will also conduct detailed surveys of pedestrian conditions at the intersections of Foerster, Edna and Detroit.  The first two intersections are key crossings for children walking to Sunnyside Elementary, while the intersection at Detroit is a mid-block crossing. We will count pedestrian volumes, document conflict points and needs, look at the number of near misses, to provide an analysis of both pedestrian and driver behavior.
We will also  circulate and manage a public survey of neighborhood residents to determine community needs and desires as well as perceived problems regarding Monterey Boulevard. We will then compile all of the results in a final report.

By concentrating on crossings near schools, the project intends to help is most vulnerable residents – its children – feel comfortable and safe walking and biking to school, instead of being driven daily. A large proportion of students at the local schools live nearby and could avoid the car trip if the trip by foot were safer both in perception and in reality. It has been proven that walking and biking to school will lead to better mental and physical health for the children, reducing childhood obesity and calming them for a productive day at school.

The project will be finished by September. In the meantime keep your eyes open for us out in the street!

Funding for this program was provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety through the Business, Transportation, and Housing Agency.

The Friends of Monterey Blvd wishes to thank Walk San Francisco for their partnership in this project.

-Jon Winston


4 responses to “FoMB Secures Pedestrian Safety Grant

  1. This is great news looking forward to the report? Who is conducting the surveys?

  2. Bill,

    As it stands now, WalkSF will direct the traffic/pedestrian survey and FoMB will be in charge of the other neighborhood survey

    I have to take this opportunity to thank Manish Champsee of WalkSF for everything he and his team is doing to help us out. They’ve been just great.


  3. I look forward to the results of these fact finding missions. When we all have a clear view of the facts in these areas we will have a strong platform to move forward from in improving our street!

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