Sunnyside Neigborhood Assoc. Elections this Monday!

The next general meeting of the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association is this Monday Feb 1st  at 7pm. No agenda has been posted anywhere but a new board will be elected.You may nominate any member of the SNA including yourself. Let’s make sure the next board is one that looks out for the health and safety of Monterey Boulevard!

Be sure to get there on time and, if you are not yet a member of the SNA, you’ll be able to sign up at the door. The fee is $15.

St Finn Barr Parish Hall
415 Edna Street

2 responses to “Sunnyside Neigborhood Assoc. Elections this Monday!

  1. So . .. there is a question about whether “signing up at the door” for $15 annual membership fee for residents, entitles you to vote in tonight’s elections.
    Apparently, you have had to already been an active member in January, to vote tonight.
    Please see the SNA by-laws at:
    where it states: ”
    Household membership. Annual dues shall be $15 per household, with one-year membership from the first of the month following the date the check is deposited. Each household membership shall entitle a maximum of two members of the household of major voting age to one vote each, provided the member[s] lives within the boundaries [of Sunnyside]”

  2. If you are a member of SNA, you would have received a postcard with the agenda for the meeting tonight, which is:
    • SF District 7 Supervisor Sean Elsbernd
    • Ingleside Police Station Captain David Lazar
    • City College Police Chief Andre Barnes
    • Update from SNA Greening Committee
    • Update from SNA NERT Committee
    • SNA Board elections

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