How Many MPH?

After a commenter on the last post (thank you, Tony!) pointed out signage issues, I decided to go out and photograph all the speed limit signs I saw from the freeway ramps at Monterey and Circular to where Monterey Blvd. merges into Santa Clara Ave in St. Francis Woods. Speed limit signs are not very interesting, but this ended up being very enlightening. Half of Monterey Ave. is already posted to be 25 MPH!

Now I have driven my car and pedaled my bike over Monterey Blvd. more times than I can count, but I have never really internalized the 25 MPH zone. I am fairly certain I am not the only one (although maybe one of the few who is willing to publicly admit it : ) In driving around this is what I saw-

1) There are more speed limit signs Westbound than there are are Eastbound (didn’t count but it is roughly 2 to 1).

2) All of the signs are bunched up. In Sunnyside, there are groups of signs, four in one block split between East and West bound lanes as an example. Signs are not dispersed evenly along the boulevard to remind people to maintain their driving speed.

3) There are no signs on side streets like Congo or Acadia to remind people that those streets are 25 MPH and not a continuation of the 30MPH zone that extends from Circular to Ridgeway. St. Francis Woods and Westwood have signs of speed limit changes at many of the intersections leading into those neighborhoods.

4) If half of Monterey Blvd. is already 25 MPH, then why is Sunnyside, the area with the highest concentration of schools and residents, saddled with the highest speed limit?

So it seems that there are some signage issues that need to be addressed along the Boulevard. It also seems there is an opportunity to standardize the speed limit for the entire length of Monterey Blvd. which would make driving through less confusing and provide less option for speeding.

My next post will provide you with the City departments and the phone numbers of those you can contact to request better speed limit signage on Monterey Blvd (right now, I need to cook dinner!) In the mean time, here is slide show of the speed limit signs of Monterey Blvd. so you can see most of them for yourself.  Just click on the picture.

West Bound Monterey & Edna

posted by Adrienne Johnson

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