New Safeway plan starts to take shape


Safeway’s Natalie Mattei met with members of the Sunnnyside Neigborhood Association’s Safeway Committee on Monday and updated them on plans for the new and expanded store.

Most of the meeting revolved around assuaging the concerns of the immediate neighbors such as venting and rooftop air conditioning fans. Neighbors were relieved to find out that Safeway will not tear out a retaining wall along the property line. Mattei also promised that from now on there will be no noisy steam cleaning of  shopping carts between 11pm and 6am.


Safeway's rendition of the new store

Of wider interest were her comments about the store itself. Safeway is planning to have a delicatessen and cafe, a full service bakery and a butcher as well as a pharmacy.

To accommodate the new traffic  these services will generate thay are going to increase their parking by fifty percent. And in order to preserve these parking spots, Mattei said Safeway will reject the Planning  request to position the  loading dock on the roof, instead of at street level. Also, there will be three fewer street side parking spots on Monterey.

Reacting to neighborhood concerns, Mattei promised that the store will not operate all night but said that the company will apply for a 24/7 permit so that it will be able to change its hours in the future if it so chooses.

Mattei will be at the upcoming Sunnyside Neighborhood Association meeting when a community update on the project has been scheduled. The meeting is on Monday Nov 2nd at 7pm in the St. Finn Barr Parish Hall 415 Edna Street.

After The  meeting  Safeway will make its formal permit applications with the Planning Department.



2 responses to “New Safeway plan starts to take shape

  1. adriennejohnson

    It seems that if they wish to open 24/7, then they can apply for permits at that time so that neighborhood input can be given. This way , they can start off with limited hours and then change it a month after opening the new doors. That is not acceptable (to me).

  2. Nice job on writing up the meeting! I agree that a 24 hour store is unacceptable. I think we need to be sure that the City knows that neighbors are opposed to a 24 hour store.

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