There Are Signs Of Change

Slow Down

We are starting to see our signs popping up in windows up and down Monterey Blvd! This is great! But you are wondering “Why does it matter?”. Here is why-

When you tell someone you live on Monterey Blvd., do they know where you mean? How often do you have to tell people that you live “near City College” or “you know where that old gazebo is out by CCSF”? That is because not many people outside of those who live on and near our busy street ever think of this as a place that people live. People I have known for years have told me “Oh yeah, that’s how you get out to the Zoo. I never pay any attention”.

Our “Please, Slow Down” signs are a simple way of letting those who drive through our neighborhoods that they are indeed, passing through a neighborhood. By showing passersby that we are here and we see them speeding through we can start making this a calmer and more livable street. So…

click on the side bar icon and print your own, or if you can not or would like a larger sign, email us here at the blog and we will make sure you get one! If you see someone putting up signs in the neighborhood, come on over and say hi and get a sign, we always have extras!

3 responses to “There Are Signs Of Change

  1. Another good reason to post the sign in your window is to show the city that there is a constituency here that wants change. When we show the powers that be that we a neighborhood we want people come to, not drive through, that’s when we will get some action!

  2. My work utilized these signs (you cans have them changed for the speed limit).

    They were more successful because kids seem like a better reason to slow down.

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