Rain’s A Commin’

San Francisco is expecting a lot of rain tomorrow. It has been a while, and with winds expected to reach into the 70 MPH zone in some areas we all need to look out!

Make sure to keep an eye out for the storm drains on your block. With the beginning of Fall and increased wind they will get clogged fast and easily flood the intersections and garages around here. They can be easily unclogged with a broom handle (I have cleared many in the area that way in the last few years). Make sure to keep an eye on the drains in front of your neighbor’s homes, too, especially if they are not home!

The trees that line Monterey Blvd are pretty old, so if you are parked under them, you may want to move. My guess is there will be lots of downed branches (hopefully no whole trees!).

Lastly, please, remember to slow down no matter what you drive or ride. This is our first rain so the roads will be slick and fast with people who have forgotten how to handle the change in conditions.

Let’s hope this is the end of the drough! Be safe!

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