Traffic getting you down? Get a window sign!

Show the world you’re mad as hell about high speed traffic outside your door! Go to your window now tell the world you aren’t going to take it any more! Download this  window sign  here.  Or look out for FOM’ers this weekend as volunteers give out big, printed signs. We’ll also be collecting signatures for a grant application the SNA is applying for to green the median. More on that later! (In the meantime think San Jose Ave.)



4 responses to “Traffic getting you down? Get a window sign!

  1. Cameron and I put up a bunch of signs, and gave a number of them out as well, and the response was great! People like the idea of the signs and how easy it is too make a statement. We noticed people slowing down when they read them, too! Super cool.

  2. I’ve heard you want to close the Monterey Blvd. exit off 280 – I guarantee you other residents and I who aren’t yuppies who need to move back to Marin will fight you tooth & nail to prevent this. I support people taking it easy on the road, but closing the exit is going way too far.

    • Scott,
      Not sure where you heard that but its not true. Right now, the only thing on our agenda is to get folks talking and it seems the number one subject around the neighborhood is high speed cut-through traffic from other neighborhoods heading somewhere other than here. So that’s our starting point.

      The main problem on streets with a lot of noisy traffic is that people don’t get to know their neighbors like they do on the side streets. No community means a lot of crossed wires and miscommunication, hence tales like the one you heard.

      Please help us fix that, then we can all discuss solutions.

  3. adriennejohnson

    Not sure who gave you that idea, Scott, but I think they were pulling your leg!

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